What Clients Are Saying


“Angelic hands, masterful touch.  I feel weightless, floating, joyous, and grateful to be in my body!  Jenny’s massage is strong, gentle, and intuitive…a treat for the body, mind, and soul!”

~Kelly Sullivan Walden  (Dream Doctor and author of “I Had The Strangest Dream) 


“Jenny Karns is the living embodiment of an outrageously open and abundant heart. Whether she’s speaking to a crowd, coaching a client, listening to a friend, laying hands on a body, or expressing her wisdom through words, she is literally infusing life with passion, trust and the kind of inspiration that transforms. A true master of the sacred, healing and intimate realms, Jenny bridges worlds with the playfulness of a dolphin and the depth of an old soul. If your life is touched by hers in any way, your life will never be the same.”


~Rosy Aronson (Artist, Author & Spiritual Counselor)

I have a really big mission but I didn’t realize that my body was holding me back from fully living it.  Since I have been working with jenny I have felt more ease and openness in my body.  Since the things that used to take more effort are now coming in faster, I am doing less work for much bigger results.”

~Jenn August  (Business Hypnotherapist & Success Coach)


“Jenny is amazingly intuitive to the body. As and ex professional athlete I have had several people work on me over the years, and she is by far the best. I have had 11 knee surgeries and a shoulder surgery and in 6 visits I am walking better than I have in the last 5 years, and standing straighter. Also my range of motion has gotten much better in my shoulder. Jenny has the most beautiful energy and I look forward to her working on me for a long time.”

~Dot Jones (15 Time World Arm-Wrestling Champion , Actress)

“I’ve had great massages before, but Jenny takes bodywork to a whole new level!  Each session with her is a healing experience that extends beyond my body.  Having worked with her over the course of several months, I’ve experienced a decrease in headaches and an overall increase of ease and alignment in my body.  Knowing that our bodies store stress and pent up emotion, Jenny takes a holistic approach in her work and is able to intuit what I’m holding on to.  Somehow, she creates a wonderfully supportive space in which to let it all go.  Jenny is a master healer with magic hands and a grounded presence!  I highly recommend regular sessions with her!”

~Jessica Colp (Life Coach)

“I discovered Jenny several months ago, and I’m so glad I did. That she gives a great massage is a given. She very carefully works with you to determine the level and intensity you need and is very proficient in her technique. But there is so much more. She also works with you to uncover those hidden reasons for the stress and tension in your body, so you leave her refreshed not only in the body but in the spirit and soul as well. A truly energizing experience.”  


~Debbie Waisman (Producer)


“Jenny always uses the perfect amount of pressure in her massage.  It is the perfect balance between deep tissue and relaxation massage.  The biggest bonus to Jenny’s massage is her holistic touch and positive presence!”

~Tamara Mowery (actress)

“Jenny’s magical hands soothe, relax, and invigorate. Jenny brings that selfless and warm demeanor that many of us who know her on the set see on a daily basis to the serenity and blissful escape of her massage table. Highly recommend.”

~Andy Cadiff (Director/Producer)