Jenny’s Massage Services

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The Refresher Massage: 

Head, neck and shoulder routine to rejuvenate and invigorate a tired body!

30 minute session – $85

Healing Massage:  

Swedish and deep tissue massage, catered to an individual’s needs, helps promote full body health and healing. Ask specifically for Reiki, polarity, or cupping!

60 minute session – $150

90 minute session – $200

Better Head Space:

Ear candling treatment blended with a pressure point face and head massage and aromatherapy, helps relieve congestion in the ears and sinuses, increasing proper immune functioning. Breath deeper!  

45 minute session $100

In-Office and On-Set Massage:  

Jenny provides massage directly to business and entertainment industry clients in the workplace and on set — where they need it most!  She works doing chair massage as well as the option of a full hour or 90 minute table massage on location in a private room.  She works directly with each individual to create optimum potential for consistent healthy (and creative) functioning! 

Chair Massage on location or in-office:  $175 an hour 

Private Sessions in room (Table Massage):  $195 an hour

Contact Jenny to set up a trial day on location at a 20% discount!!  

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Phone 310-210-7189

Quantum Biofeedback SCIO session: 

No matter where you are in the world, you can experience the remote healing effects of deep relaxation, stress relief, pain reduction, and quantum healing through a Quantum Bio-feedback SCIO session.   Clients have been experiencing amazing results with quantum biofeedback. Want to know more about SCIO, quantum biofeedback, and what takes place in a session? Click here »